Dr. Karen Gregory (MSc Programme Director)
Digital Labor, Inequality, Sharing Economy, Platform Society, Algorithmic Society & Ethnography

Dr. Kate Orton-Johnson  (MSc Programme Director)
Digital Culture, Digital Leisure, Mediated Parenthood, Digital Methodologies & Internet Research Ethics

Dr. Nick Prior
Digital Culture, Popular Culture, Participatory Music Cultures, Cultural Theory & Urban Sociology

Dr. Angus Bancroft
Digital Culture, Cybercrime, the Darknet, Illicit Markets, Drug Use and Culture & Drug Policy 

Dr. Nathan Coombs
Digital Finance, Financial Regulation, Market Society, Algorithms, Political and Economic Sociology & Social Theory

Dr. Donald MacKenzie
Digital Finance, Sociology of Finance, Financial Markets & Science and Technology Studies 

Dr. Lynn Jamieson
Digital Life, Globalization and Personal Life, Intimacy, Families, Care Chains, Cosmopolitanism & Environment 

PhD Researchers:

Kath Bassett, MA
Digital Culture, The Geoweb, Locative Media & Location-Based Gaming, Urban Sociality & Emotions and Affect

Idil Galip, MA
Digital Sociology, Digital Social Research, Instagram, Entrepreneurship, Subcultures, Online Communities, New Media, Memes, Niche-Memes, Algorithmic Culture, Art Worlds, Content Creation, Reflexivity, Digital Folklore

Justin Ho, MSc
Computational Social Science, Nationalism and National Identity, Social Media, China & Discourse Analysis