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Sociology PhD Student, Justin Ho, will be coordinating the ‘Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group’.
The first meeting will take place on Friday, April 27th at 4pm in 1.16 Practice Suite in the CMB.

This group will provide postgraduate students and academics with a platform to discuss projects, issues and ideas related to computational text analysis (also referred to as automated content analysis, quantitative content analysis, text as data, text mining and so on).

It will meet on a monthly/bi-weekly basis and will discuss ideas about the use of these tools and methods with a particular focus on the social sciences and humanities.

The workshops are aimed at researchers who have had no formal training in computer science but are interested in exploring and learning! Future sessions may focus on sentiment analysis, topic modelling, clustering wordscores, ensemble classification, ngram networks and others.

If you would like to receive updates in events, visit this link to subscribe to the mailing list.


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