The pandemic’s effect on ‘offline’ academic research has been palpable. Many researchers have had to reevaluate and realign their research methods for our new socially distanced reality. The obvious choice for some was to digitise their data collecting processes, however for scholars not well acquainted with the world of digital research, ethics and methodology, this transition can be daunting.

Luckily, the field of digital research is one that is active, adaptable and robust, and it is ready to welcome newcomers.

The University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Data, Culture & Society and the Digital Social Science Cluster are hosting their first Digital Methods Workshop, October 1st 2020. This virtual event will be led by Professor Richard Rogers from the University of Amsterdam and start with a lecture which “historicises and theorises digital methods, situating them as a part of the computational turn in internet-related research, however distinct from big data, and contrasts them ontologically and epistemologically from virtual methods, or the importation of methods from the humanities and the social sciences onto the web.”

The lecture will be followed by a hands on workshop which will introduce “how to do digital methods through discussions of how to study Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, 4chan as well as Telegram.”

This workshop is a great opportunity for scholars of digital research and newcomers alike. The event is open to both faculty and students, more information about the workshop and registration is available on the CDCS’s website.

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