Anyone with an interest in the study of online communities, digital society, and life on digital platforms is warmly invited to the new ‘Edinburgh Digital Life’ Group.

There are a large number of scholars across the University who study these fields from a variety of disciplinary angles and through many different lenses. This group hopes to bring these researchers together as a means of discussing key issues and exchanging knowledge and skills.

We are currently meeting on a biweekly-monthly basis, and as a nascent organisation we welcome individuals who want to mould the direction in which the group goes. We intend on holding discussions themed around papers and individual debates and issues, inviting speakers from within and without the University to present their research, and potentially organising a one-day conference in the medium-term future.

Our next meeting will be at 13.00 on Tuesday 24th April, in G.03 Doorway 6 of the Old Medical School.

We will be discussing the future of data, privacy and identity in the wake of recent revelations about Facebook and other platforms.

This group is organized by PhD researcher, Tim Squirrell.


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