Karen Gregory and Miguel Paredes Maldonado’s new article Delivering Edinburgh: uncovering the digital geography of platform labour in the city is now available in Volume 23, Issue 8 of Information, Communication & Society. Gregory and Maldonado look at the “unseen and obscured cycling routes of on-demand , app-based food couriers in Edinburgh, Scotland”. The article is based on qualitative interviews with 25 riders, “digital data gathered through smartphone apps, and a custom-made mapping workflow developed in collaboration with student researchers and used by Deliveroo riders to track and map their delivery work”. A great read for anyone interested in topics such as gig work, platform labour, platform urbanism and risk.

There are many other interesting pieces in this issue of the ICS journal, covering a variety of geographies and topics. The theme is ‘new digital landscapes’, and the introduction to the issue can be accessed here. In which Webster, Svalastog and Allgaier explain that “the papers brought together here examine the discursive, ethical, legal and infrastructural aspects of the digital landscape. In doing so, they open up for discussion on how we are best to understand, map, critique and importantly differentiate and contextualise the diverse forms of social engagement found within this landscape and its off-line instantiation”.


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