“Using Data and Tech Strategically in the Push for Social Justice”
Friday, September 28th
5.3  Lister Teaching and Learning Centre
This seminar will introduce students to the research conducted at The Engine Room, which is a Berlin-based non-profit that helps activists, organisations, and other social change agents make the most of data and technology to increase their impact. Zara Rahman, as Research, Engagement and Communities Team Lead, will introduce recent Engine Room projects, including looking into how biometrics are being used in humanitarian contexts; how human rights researchers could use data in their work; and upcoming work on digital identity.  This talk is open to MSc students and to interested faculty.
Zara Rahman (@zararah) is a Berlin-based researcher, writer, and linguist who is interested in the intersection of power, technology and people. Her past work has included campaigning for an access to information law in Spain, investigating the impact of open data in the extractive industries in the Middle East during the uprisings in 2011/12, and supporting data literacy efforts with civil society and journalists across the world with School of Data. She was a 2016/17 fellow at Data & Society based in New York City, where she worked on creative and artistic ways of boosting critical data and tech literacy, and is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at digitalHKS at the Harvard Kennedy School. She leads the Research, Engagement and Communities team at The Engine Room, an international non-profit organisation supporting civil society to use technology and data to increase their impact. She is also a regular contributor to Global Voices, where she writes about technology and digital rights in Bangladesh.
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