A new research cluster was launched at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Data, Culture & Society recently. The Digital Social Science Cluster is a methods lab led by MSc Digital Society co-coordinator Dr Karen Gregory, lecturer in Data & Society Dr Morgan Currie and TRAIN@ED postdoctoral fellow Dr Kate Miltner .

The Digital Social Science Cluster is “currently helping researchers navigate this change by focusing on sharing examples of projects that illustrate the uses and challenges posed by digital methods”.  There is a wide variety of examples to explore on their website: you can learn about these projects’ core methods, the methodological challenges that researchers have had navigate and the various tools they use in their research. This can be a good resource for MSc Digital Society students as they start to think about their own dissertations.

Here are some of the featured projects from our faculty and PhD researchers:

Karen Gregory and Miguel Paredes Maldonado: Delivering Edinburgh: Uncovering the Digital Geography of Platform Labour in the City

Kate Orton-Johnson: The smART socIal media eCOsystem in a blockchaiN Federated environment (ARTICONF) project

Angus Bancroft, Alex Voss, Tim Squirrell, Irene Rafanell, Andreas Zaunseder, Idil Galip, Kasey Delgado: Technologies and politics of illicit markets

Nick Prior: Sonic Experiments: Three Tokyo Pieces

Idil Galip: Niche-memes: How online subcultures and entrepreneurial logic collide on Instagram


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